Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mr. Ham

Me: What brings you in today Mr. Ham?

Mr. Ham: I need refills on my blood pressure medications.

Me: Alright, I see you are on two medications X and Y. Does that sound correct?

Mr. Ham: Yes.

Me: Great. Any trouble with your medications?

Mr. Ham: No.

Me: In a given week how many doses would you say you miss?

Mr. Ham: None.

Me: Ok, well I see your bottles are empty, so when did you take your last pill?

Mr. Ham: This morning.

Me: Ok, well, when I took your blood pressure just a minute ago it was a little high can you tell me why that might be if you never miss your medications?

Mr. Ham: Well, I had some bacon for breakfast. Yes, a lot of bacon and I never do that. You know bacon has a lot of salt so that must be it!

Me: Well yes, salt can increase blood pressure in some patients but usually not that fast.

Mr. Ham: I promise it was the bacon!!

(Cue standard talk about medication compliance and salt reduction. Yes, I still want to do Family Medicine where I will see patients like this everyday, and I plan on loving every minute of it!)

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