Wednesday, October 16, 2013

An accident

*This happened to Dr. Drinks, one of the residents I worked with on a rotation. Maybe it was part of the reason for his comments here.*

Dr. Drinks: (Enters patient's room, notices strange smell but continues over to the bed.) Good morning Mr. Jones, how are you today?

Mr. Jones: Not so good. I had an accident.

Dr. Drinks: An accident sir?

Mr. Jones: Yes, I needed to pee but couldn't get up.

Dr. Drinks: Did you call the nurse?

Mr. Jones: No, I just went here. Then threw my pants there.

Dr. Drinks: (Looks to where the patient is pointing, realizes there is a large wet spot on the wall and a pair of pants crumpled on the floor. His gaze continues across the floor until he realizes he is standing in a puddle of urine by the patient's bed.)

Mr. Jones: I feel better now but it smells in here.

Dr. Drinks: (Leaves quickly to regain composure and dissipate any thoughts of strangling Mr. Jones.)

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