Sunday, August 24, 2014

When patients say what you can't

Approximately 2am. A child with a history of sickle cell was admitted for observation around 5pm due to fever and cough.

Nurse Practitioner enters room. Begins to examine child but notices a bed bug in a cup by the crib.

NP: "Um. We are going to have to relocate you all to a new room."

Parent: "WHY??"

NP: "Well..." looks at cup, then at parent "This room is going to have to be fumigated."

Parent: "Oh my GOD!! There are bed bugs here!! We are leaving! I am going to tell everyone what a nasty hospital this is!"

NP: "I really suggest you don't leave. Your child needs to be observed for at least 48 hours. We will get you a new room."

Parent: "No!! I will leave and you will pay for my transportation."

NP: "I can't do that. Especially if you are taking your child from the hospital AMA."

Parent: "You can't tell me what to do! I will call the news about this!! Nasty hospital!"

By this time the room mate is awake and her mother is quietly getting their things together. She has had enough of the loud parent.

Room mate's Parent: "Shut up! I have been in this hospital for 3 days and aint seen no damn bed bugs. You probably brought them here yourself!"

Loud Parent and NP take their conversation to the hallway. Unfortunately they did leave AMA but the child followed up in clinic a couple days later and was fine.

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