Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pregnant ladies are funny

I really enjoyed OB. There is just something special about sharing in such an intimate time in someone's life. Funny things happen in the later parts of labor though..

"I'm not mad at you! It is just if I look at you while I am pushing I get ANGRY!"

Patient: Please pray for me.
Patient's husband: Prays and holds her hand. During a difficult contraction prays a little louder.
Patient's husband: Sits on room couch and prays silently.

Even the doctors get crazy:

Patient: I can't do it!
Nurse: You have to.
Patient: Just use the vacuum and pull it out!
Nurse: It doesn't work like that. You can do it.
Patient: Get Dr. Smith! She will pull it out!!!
Dr Smith is paged for hysterical patient and arrives in about 5 minutes.
Dr Smith: What is going on here?
Patient: I can't do it! Pull it out!!
Dr. Smith: Now listen. I want no more screaming until there is a baby in this room. You can do this, and you will.
Patient: Quietly delivers baby girl in five more contractions.

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