Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mrs. Patch

Me: So I see you are in for your physical today. Any health concerns for the doctor?

Mrs. Patch: None except my weight! I would like to lose.

Me: Okay. I see the nurse gave you some diet information.

Mrs. Patch: Yes.

Me: Some other things you can do are...

Mrs. Patch: Let me stop you right there. I don't want no exercise or diet advise. Just stick a patch right here (slaps thigh). A patch that will suck the fat right out!

Me: I don't think they have that yet but if it comes out how about I let you know?

Mrs. Patch: (laughs) Sounds good. Now how about you tell me those other things you were going to say. Even though I know I don't want to here it honey.

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